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Do you know anything about 'Nikoline Marie Olsdatter'??

Nikoline Marie Olsdatter was born April 14, 1852 in Dragland in Tjeldsund, Nordland, Norway. We know, so far, that she and two of her younger brothers emigrated to Canada in 1887. The destination was USA. When the 3 arrived in Canada it's told that her younger brothers, Daniel and Mikkel, went to North Dakota, but she did'nt had enough money for the trip from Quebec to Emerson, Manitoba and stayed therefore in Canada to work until she had money. It's also told that she was going to work for a farmer in St. Vincent - which is in Minnesota. But, the family in America and in Norway never heard from her again. Her name Nikoline may also be spelled as 'Nikolina', 'Nicoline', 'Necoline', etc. If anyone, by chance, happens to know something about her, please let us know. We will be so pleased!
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